Monroe® Protection Kit

OESpectrum® Passenger Car Shock Absorbers

When replacing struts or spring seat units, always check the compression bumper and the dirt shield around the piston rod. These parts are included in the Monroe® Protection Kit.

Their role is important, but often forgotten. Dirt shields help increase the life of the shock absorber by protecting the piston rod in two ways:

They allow draining of pollutants (water, mud, sand) to protect the piston rod coating
They avoid shocks being impacted by stones, protecting the piston rod from surface damage
The compression bumper improves the quality of the suspension thanks to its micro-cellular polyurethane foam. It allows optimum distribution of the car weight over the four suspended corners of the car by offering permanent dynamic loading.

Each Monroe® Protection Kit has been designed to protect newly installed shock absorbers.
The compression bumper, made from highest quality close cells microcellular polyurethane, is designed for permanent dynamic loading.
The dirt shield is made of thermoplastic polyurethane for long lasting protection of the piston rod against corrosion and impacts.
A unique bumper attachment method ensures solid assembly and long service life.

This complete package offers the following advantages:

  • Provides optimal driving stability on higher suspension movements.
  • Protects the piston rod from scratches or small impacts produced by objects on the roads such as stones.
  • Protects the chrome of the piston rod from asphalt deposits that could damage the shock absorber's sealing while driving over newly-laid roads.
  • Protects the compression valve from strong impacts due to bad road conditions.
  • Offers optimal driving stability of the car during higher suspension movement. 
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Suitable for all driving styles
Suitable for all driving styles