Monroe® Camber Kit

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Today most vehicles are fitted with McPherson struts and thus are more inclined to encounter changes in camber. Camber is the angle between the direction of the wheel and a true vertical line perpendicular to the ground. A wheel tilted outward at the top is considered to have positive camber, while a wheel tilted inward at the top displays negative camber.

Changes in camber occur due to different impacts (e.g. sidewalk parking) or modifications in the suspension system such as lowered suspensions (2/3°), big sized tyres or worn out springs. This change of camber will result in abnormal wear on one side of the tyre, with the car pulling in one direction and bad road holding. Today, installers offer wheel alignment as a solution to this problem; but on many vehicles, it cannot be solved. Contrary to some different and non consistent solutions offered by some car manufacturers, the Monroe® Camber Kit offers a quick and safe solution.

This Camber Kit consists of two eccentric bolts made of high resistance quality steel. These allow adjustment of the camber from the bracket of the strut.

All the installer has to do is to replace the upper bolt of the strut's bracket with a Camber Kit bolt and adjust the camber in a few minutes by +/- 3° on each side.

The current range consists of eight different kits covering several hundreds of McPherson strut applications.

Suitable for all driving styles
Suitable for all driving styles