Monroe Magnum® Axles Shocks for Trucks, Trailers, Buses & Coaches

OESpectrum® Passenger Car Shock Absorbers

These axle shocks for all kinds of commercial vehicles, transporting goods or people, feature some unique elements like the "blow-off" valve and hydraulic stop, what makes them stand out versus any competitive product.

These shocks come in multiple dimensions; the two biggest dimensions are yellow painted while the smaller ones are painted black.

The Monroe® axle shocks are best in class, and with their special features, you will get a product that ensures you a high product durability, a high level of safety on the road and an outstanding resistance to severe working conditions.


1. Single bonded bushing: a very high durability of the bushing is reached

• makes shock installation easier

2. High temperature resistant sealing system: maximizes the durability of the unit


3. Hydraulic lock-out piston: no over-extension of the air bellows

• eliminates external drop limiter


4. High temperature resistant hydraulic fluid: this semi-synthetic fluid improves the damping behaveour

• have a more consistant damping over a wide temperature range

5. Anti-wear coated piston ring: very high wear resistance of the unit

• more consistant damping thanks to its sealing capabillities

6. Double action valving system in bump and rebound: guarantees the good and safe handling performances of the vehicle

• forces on chassis components are kept to the minimum

commercial Vehicles
Commercial Vehicles only