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Monroe® stands behind every product to ensure the quality, performance, durability and value our customers expect. Products are warranted to the original retail purchaser against functional and/or material defects. All Monroe products are developed and manufactured according to original suspension specifications from vehicle manufacturers. In the event of a warranty claim, please contact us via the contact form or contact the Garage Gurus.





Monroe South Africa provides a 5-Year Limited Warranty (valid in South Africa)
for the following genuine Monroe products:

See Coverage Limitations, Process Requirements and specific Monroe OESpectrum warranty limitations below.





Monroe South Africa provides a 3-Year Limited Warranty for the following genuine Monroe products:

See Coverage Limitations and Process Requirements below




Monroe South Africa provides a 2-Year Limited Warranty for the following genuine Monroe products:

See Coverage Limitations and Process Requirements below



1-YEAR WARRANTY or 50.000km


Monroe South Africa provides a 1-Year Limited or 50.000KM Warranty (whichever is reached first) for the following genuine Monroe products:

See Coverage Limitations and Process Requirements below




Warranties provided by Monroe South Africa are limited to the delivery of a new Monroe product. Claims are first handled by the Monroe distributor and then honored by Monroe. Customer rights pursuant to the applicable national laws, in particular all rights as a buyer based on the purchase agreement with the relevant dealership or any other related rights, will not be limited by this guarantee.

Excluded from Monroe warranties are:

  • Regular wear-out of product 
  • Monroe products fitted contrary to application information provided in the Monroe catalogue or its subsequent amendments 
  • Monroe products which have been modified or damaged by incorrect mounting or incorrect use on the vehicle, contrary to the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer and/or Monroe 
  • Monroe products damaged by mounting on another vehicle than indicated in the Monroe catalogue or its subsequent amendments Shock absorbers and struts with damaged piston rod and/or oil seal due to improper handling and/or use of incorrect installation tools 
  • Premature wear-out caused by re-use of damaged mounting parts such as rubber dirt shields, damaged bump stops, etc. 
  • Damage caused by an accident 
  • Monroe products damaged while being used in rally or racing sports 
  • Ride-Levelers with air sleeve abrasion caused by incorrect mounting 
  • Reconditioned or recycled Monroe products 
  • Defects caused by lack of maintenance or maintenance wrongly executed on the vehicle





All warranty claims must be submitted to the parts distributor or reseller/installer from whom the Monroe product was purchased. Proof of purchase is required.

Resellers/installers must provide to the distributor all relevant information to verify the claim, including:

  • Customer name and address
  • Vehicle identification data
  • Product fitting or sales date
  • Proof of purchase documents
  • Monroe product part number
  • Detailed description of the defect



additional monroe oespectrum shock absorbers 
warranty limitations


In addition to the standard 3-year warranty, Monroe OESpectrum Shock Absorbers have warranty against defects and abnormal wear and tear for a period of five years from the date of the fitting. This warranty is only valid for privately owned passenger cars and light commercial vehicles under normal operating conditions, to the extent that the original purchaser of the Monroe OESpectrum Shock Absorbers remains the owner of the vehicle on which they were originally installed. The obligation under this warranty is strictly limited to the replacement of the worn-out or defective product. Cost of removal and installation are not included and any incidental and consequential damages are exclused under this warranty, to the extent permitted by law.

  • The product must be installed in accordance with Monroe's recommendations. In particular: (i) both shock absorbers on the same axle must be replaced with Monroe OESpectrum shock absorbers; and (ii) Monroe Protection Kits (PK) and Monroe Mounting Kits (MK) must be replaced at the time of the fitting.



Visit the Garage Gurus to submit warranty claim



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