Monroe® Spheres

OESpectrum® Passenger Car Shock Absorbers

In 1954 Citroën engineer André Lefebvre launched a hydro pneumatic suspension system for Citroën providing greater road holding and comfort. Monroe® spheres are designed for those Citroën applications to guarantee optimal suspension performance. From a reservoir of liquid, a pump pressurizes the oil in a hydraulic cylinder. This column of oil compresses a volume of nitrogen gas (= the sphere), which serves as a spring. Depending on the car's weight and options, there are different valves in the spheres to ensure optimal damping.

The total range consists of more than 120 part numbers, covering next to the normal spheres all other types like the accumulator spheres, the regulator spheres, the anti-sink spheres, and the anti-roll spheres.

With this wide range of spheres, we cover both hydractive and non-hydractive applications, such as the BX, CX, GS, ID, SM, Xantia, XM, and the latest Citroën models C5 and C6.